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Welcome to the #Sheep-trivia site. For those of you who don't know what #Sheep-trivia is; it is a trivia channel on the IRC network, Dalnet, run by my friend "Black-Sheep". Black-sheep is always expanding his channel and would appreciate any suggestions for questions to add or any general improvements. So please suggest as many questions as you like on the suggestion page and the questions may be used in the channel. :)
Also, please note that this Channel and it's script is in no way related to myself (Ninjapenguin) and that Ninjapenguin wouldnt know the first thing about IRC scripting. The channel and it's script are created and run by "Black-Sheep".
This site is currently limited to user feedback / question suggestion, but i intend to add other stuff like the top trivia players.

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Top trivia Players (coming soon)