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Bannertown 25,000 free impressions or 1 to 1 ratio
Bannertown 25,000 free impressions or 1 to 1 ratio

and welcome to my web site. Check out my section on the mighty Essendon football club, Seinfeld or the online java games. I am considering changing the title of the site so please help me decide by voting in the poll (below). Also vote in previous polls.
6/1/2002 - 1,000th Visitor today! :)
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What should Ninjapenguin's Site be renamed to?

Keep it as Ninjapenguin's Site
Ninjapenguin's Place
Ninjapenguin's Lair
Ninjapenguin's Hangout
Neither, They are all cheesy (Please suggest)

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20/1/2003Numerous bug fixes and tidy ups :).
2/1/2002Added weather.
31/12/2001changed the appearance of the front page.
12/12/2001Added news headlines to main page. Modified heading appearance slightly on main page.

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