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How tos for Java IRC client (FAQs)

Talk privately

Select the nick name(s) that you want to talk privately on the left side of the window and then talk normally. You messages will only be sent to those selected nick name(s). To toggle between private and public talk, press the Esc key when the message en try field (the box you type message in) has the focus.

Post ads and news to a room

This function is only available to a site administrator (for apparent reasons). If you are a site administrator,
click here to find more help.

Control a room

You can control a room only if you are a room host (or channel operator). Click here to get more help on host functions.

Repeat a message

When the message entry is focused, use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to step through what you had typed. The buffers hold upto 50 lines you typed for each room.

Use strings in the display area (message window) as command parameters

To make it convenient to input parameters, you can select a proper string (double click to select a word) from the display area and execute a command. For example, to get a user's information, double click on a nick name string in the display area and then press any key to get that info. Another example, to push a URL to people in a room, select a URL string in the display area, then push the button 'Push URL'. Many other commands will take parameters this way in addition to taking parameters from the entry field.
Use mouse to click on a gap between two ads/messages, then move the mouse in the direction you want the ticker to go.