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Site History

13/9/2001New navbar buttons.
7/9/2001Big update for the Essendon Image Gallery. Check it out.
6/9/2001The first bomber match preview is implemented. Check it out.
5/9/2001The Microsoft bCentral and #1adclick banners are removed. I have decided to use World Banner Exchange as they seem to provide the best service.
4/9/2001"New Look" entry page.
3/9/2001Added a number of ad banners to my site. I am trialling some banner exchanges to increase the traffic to the site. I may remove some or all in a few weeks depending on the success or the banners.
2/9/2001The Essendon Downloads are online.
31/8/2001Most of the website is functional. There isn't much to see in the Image Gallery and PC Games sections yet. :)
16/8/2001Added a flash presentation for the site intro.
15/8/2001Replaced the animated gif in the top left corner with a flash version.
15/11/2000Added a page with images of Essendon's Year 2000 Premiership Cup victory.
2/9/2000Updated the stats on the Essendon page (added the 2000 premiership) .
Changed the appearance of the red boxes containing statistics on the Essendon page.
Added a page with an Audiofinder search box for MP3 files.
Added a page of links to other sites
Accidently wiped the entire site! and had to start over, keeping a similar appearance and containing the guestbook, Essendon Shrine, Image Gallery and PC Cheats. The Site was renamed after my 'rather corny' alias, Ninjapenguin.
Added a page of my most recommended sites, including, search engines, e-mail providers and sport sites.
Added a page dedicated to the AFL football club, Essendon, called the "Essendon Shrine".
Changed the bulky frame to a sleek looking invisible one with a top navigation bar.
Added a new section to the Image Gallery for computer and video game images, screenshots, etc.
Upgraded the number of PC cheats to 9 games.
Added frames to the site, which included a left hand navigation bar.
Added links to Yahoo! search engine, and Yahoo! Mail.
Added a few animated gifs to the site.
Greatly improved the look of the navigation buttons.
Added a guestbook to the site.
Added South Park images to the Image Gallery.
Changed the site's colour scheme to black.
Upgraded the number of PC cheats to 7 games.
Added a section, which contained cheats for 5 PC games.
Changed the site's blue scheme with a morone one.
Added some more images to the gallery.
Added a link to my freind's site (Spydrebyte's Site).
7/6/1998The basic site was blue with only an e-mail link and a small image gallery containing only penguin images, the site was called "Wesley's Site".